Purple Image… on the Map City label

Purple Image, original press on Map City

Purple Image with fuzzy psych funk here on the Map City label… Direct from 1971, this original pressing is proving to live up to its relatively high price. If you’re into psychedelic funk and fuzz rock, this is definitely a must have in your collection.


I came across this one on a buying trip through the Carolinas, deep in North Carolina actually. I was digging through a town I’d never been in before. Found some promising spots and then just lucked into this one in a giant lot with other promo LPs. Had to pay up a little for all the records, like 10 boxes of various sizes – Lps and 45’s. On the day I picked this one up, I also found a beautiful copy of Eula Cooper’s “Try” on the Tragar label. Talk about a great day picking. Put about 1,500 miles on the van, but the results back up the adventure northward. Already planning another trip 😉