This record has it all… a southern rock hinted 45 mixed with a garage feel, psych-ish solos – just all around interesting content. Obscure to be sure, you won’t find this record just anywhere. None have registered on any of the major sites, either selling or just uploaded as a collector’s find. Guess I’ll be the first one – or maybe not – its possible that my search wasn’t deep enough online. Whatever the case, this is Brother’s Keeper on the B.O.S. label out of what I figure would be the 1970’s. This was produced by Harry Deal who’s a legend in these parts for his beach band ‘The Galaxies’. He’s been known to produce quite a few records in this area… I figure after the Galaxies gained popularity in the 60’s and maybe stopped touring as much in the 70’s, Mr. Deal began recording and producing local acts. This is purely speculation but, right now, that’s about the best I can do… not to mention I’ve found many records here in western North Carolina that carry Deal’s name as producer.