It doesn’t happen often much these days, but luck shined my way in the form of a concise record collection. The deal was sealed in a Hobby Lobby parking lot of all places. The gentleman had quite a few great LPs and some nice 45s. Some great white label rock promos were included including a white label version of Black Sabbath’s Paranoid. First pressings from The Youngbloods, Doobie Brothers, Yardbirds, Mothers of Invention, Mugwumps, Bobby Taylor and The Vancouvers.

Speaking of The Vancouvers… check out the cover. Notice the tall guy on the right wearing the beige jacket and glasses. If he looks a familiar, that’s because he’s Tommy Chong – from Cheech and Chong fame 😉 Great record here though… not a big hitter but a respectable find. Might have to set it up on a date with my vinyl flattener. We’ll see if it plays first. From my experience, its much better to leave a record with a warp if it will play… but the Vinyl Flat doesn’t harm the record or affect the sound from my experience.