Long ago, records were the norm.  In junior high, I had picked up some records here and there but didn’t really have many.  When cd’s became the new thing, vinyl disappeared from my shelf.  In junior college I started picking up records here and there maybe 5 a year, from record stores, shows or thrift stores.  At the end of a long college career, I had a decent sized box of vinyl.  After a hiatus from even touching a record, I attended my first live auction.  I bid on and won a box of soul LP records for $5 – great stuff like Herbie Hancock, Fela Kuti (Nigerian imports), George Clinton’s various efforts, the first Wailers with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh direct from Jamaica on the Studio 1 label.  At that point, I was hooked…

The next year, in the early days of April 2010, I was asked by an auctioneer friend of mine if I’d like to take a look at a record collection he purchased.  He wasn’t sure how many records there were but they filled up a large storage bay.  Our estimate was that there were 60,000 records, from floor to ceiling, nicely packed away in rows.  This began my first foray into seriously collecting vinyl records.

I love records… I’m now constantly on the hunt for vinyl.  Since a record is a shape that makes a sound, in today’s world, that’s amazing human achievement… especially since most all media is now ‘invisible’, digital – residing in ‘clouds’.  Constantly discovering music keeps things interesting and allows continued new interest to arise.  There are decades and decades of music out there with artists that are just as interesting as new stuff coming out today.  I’ve heard that from the years 1947 to the early 1960’s, only 17% of the music has been officially digitized and made available for retail.  Those decades are the ones I’ve truly grown the most fond of and all genres are completely welcome in my house.  Click below if you’d like to contact me about checking out your collection or some records you’d like to go to a good home.

Let me know if you have any vinyl, I’m always looking for new tunes!