So, this is a really odd record.  The music is post-psych but still holds the commune style feel.  Instead of some sort of mystical and cosmic mantra, this album is Christian based.  All the musicians in the band apparently belong to a Christian commune.  The guitarist is the ex-guitarist from The James Gang – believe it or not.  The music is quite good actually if you like harmonizing female vocals, congas and other mellow instruments.

Strange cover here as you can see.  The commune sits below and there’s a wizard holding a staff in the center.  Very odd indeed.  The title is For Christians, Elves and Lovers.  Reading a little about the album, the content is based on The Lord of the Rings, the musicians looked up to Tolkien.

I found this record in Greenville, South Carolina on an extended trip.  Picked through about 2,000 records before I found this one.  The thrift shop there was very grungy.  It was probably the most ‘threatening’ thrift shop I’ve ever seen as it was in a very bad part of town.  Found this record though so I was a very happy camper.