How to package a record for shipping.

1. Use a 2 foot x 1 foot piece of small bubble wrap.
2. Cover and record (outside cover), both in a poly sleeve.
3. Lay cover/record combo face down with vinyl side up on bubble wrap.
4. Set cardboard pad atop record side, wrap bubble over and tape tight to pad.
5. Take 2nd cardboard pad & tape to bubble/cover side, making a ‘sandwich’.
6. Use an industry standard record mailer, use Fragile tape to secure box.
7. Double tape ends to ensure the box is solid.


If needed, create your own cardboard ‘bumpers’ for the corners, even ‘business card sized’ pieces of cardboard can work. These can be taped to the corners of the record ‘sandwich’ for reinforcement. If concerned that the corner bumpers aren’t enough, try getting a 14″ box from your local pizza restaurant (flipped inside out) – then wrap the record already packed in a mailer via the steps above in more bubble, then inserting into the pizza box (cardboard pizza box, not chipboard). If two boxes aren’t enough, the customer is too picky 😉


Here’s a link to what eBay recommends:



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